专业从事房地产营销策划、销售代理、招商代理以及营销顾问。经过多年的房地产实战历练,十多个项目的成功运作,亚易行积累了丰富的理论知识与实战经验,赢得了良好的市场业绩和业界口碑。崇奉“专业服务、精益求精、以稳求胜、锐意进取”的精神,结合精干的策划团队、丰富的实战经验、对房地产形势全面深入的了解及分析判断使亚易行在业界声誉卓然。 “与时俱进、创新求变”是企业发展的永恒动力。亚易行始终走在行业发展的前列,曾独创“四赢三统一”商业地产营销理念,成为地产界佳话。 展开
Introduction of Suzhou Blue Tassel School Suzhou Blue Tassel School is a boarding school which was built in 2001 and headed by Chinese famous Principal Mr. Lu Yipeng who worked as the principal of The High School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University. Suzhou Blue Tassel School is located in Suzhou International Education Zone with the area around 100,000 sq.m. The School has kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school and International Education Center. Among the school staff, there are lots of education experts and excellent teachers from all over the country in China. Every class from the kindergarten to the high school has TEFL/TESOL qualified foreign teachers for oral English lessons. The whole school has small class size, e.g. 15-18 students/class in kindergarten, not more than 25 students/class in lower primary school, normally less than 30/class (under some special circumstances max. 36 students/class) in all other parts of the school. At Blue Tassel School, we help and educate our students to reach their full potential and offer students a total care with the high elective curriculum. We organize teaching based on academic level of the students’ for all required courses. It also has various supplementary activities, such as many kinds of elective courses and subjects, students clubs, lectures given by famous scholars and celebrities, 51-kilometer hiking, series of educational activities and social practice. Blue Tassel’s educational system is mainly consist of education of technology, art and physics, bilingual, information technology, international comprehension, and education of ethic/morality, behavior, adolescence and ideals setting, etc. Blue Tassel School also work well with different countries such as Britain, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan to develop wide international education exchange programs. Now the school already has the express for students’ exchange, studying overseas, teachers’ exchange and educational resource sharing and develop curriculum with different countries as well. Blue Tassel School has high quality facility for students’ learning, life, sports and health care which has formed the most advanced educational stage of Blue Tassel School. They include: bilingual library, bilingual reading room, internet reading room, computer lab, multifunctional classrooms with the unique school network system. In addition, there are various types of labs for group study, experiments and topical study, musical rehearsal hall, and lecture halls. Apart from these, we also have tennis court, table tennis rooms, 400-meter running tracks and football playground, central AC controlled private bathroom student dormitory, and drinkable and non-drinkable water system. They all represent the school’s interpretation of modern life and physical exercises. Prof. Lee Daozheng, a famous ABC who once achieved the Nobel Prize, highly appreciated the school educational philosophy and social comments towards Blue Tassel School, which is “Brand-new educational theory, high academic level, great social influence and outstanding educational achievement”, inscribed the name for school to encourage it to provide more creative talents to the society. 展开 公司地址:苏州市吴中区越湖路1198号 (邮编:215104) 地图 公司官网:http://www.lanying.net.cn

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